NLP, Hypnotherapy,

Energy and Emotional healing



Mission & Values

"We can begin to heal ourselves when we begin to understand ourselves."

- Radiyah

Celebrating all blessings life has to offer, aiming to provide holistic health, well-being, and self-care services to meet the individual needs of my clients.

I help people stuck or affected by narcissistic relationships, by increasing their self-value through NLP, hypnotherapy, energy, and emotional healing to live a fulfilled life of self-empowerment without years of therapy, turning to medication or stress-related habits.

I provide therapy sessions catering to individual client's needs using different modalities to ensure successful, fun, and enlightening changes. My vision is to aspire clients to take responsibility and to empower them to contribute to their own health and wellbeing by embracing healing and growth. With pro-active guidance and support in harmony with all things natural and healing, providing fast and effective products.